Fulfillment of some products may be delayed. Click to learn more.

SWTEES and Covid-19

SWTEES works with fulfillment partners to print and ship our orders. These suppliers are in several different locations and are affected by different workplace safety regulations. But in general, the entire print-on-demand industry, including printers, distributors and carriers, is seeing delays throughout the supply chain. We are continuing to accept orders and our partners are still operating, albeit at reduced capacity. Fulfillment and shipping for apparel will take longer than normal, but your order will reach you.

The latest fulfillment time estimates are here.

Although apparel-related printing on demand is delayed, the production of other products has not been affected. Our partners outside the apparel segment are working at full capacity. Fulfillment time is the standard 3 to 6 business days. So check out our products that can reach you without delay.

Your support means a lot to us. Thank you for your patience. Please continue to be safe and care for yourself and others around you. And may the force be with you.